Eggs and meats


I just LOVE eggs – and they amazingly versatile on their own either to be eaten sunny-side-up, scrambled, poached….but also as a great ingredient in the kitchen, to give flavor, to give consistency to dishes, etc.And they also made it onto the Superfood list!


What they contain and why they are good for you

  • Eggs are an excellent source of protein
  • They contain all the amino acids necessary for the body to repair and regenerate cells
  • Read more here about what makes Eggs a Superfood




Salmon is another versatile food that can be combined in all sorts of dishes and cuisines, eaten raw on a sushi, smoked with horse radish…mhhh, this reminds me of my beloved brunches.

SalmonWhat it contains and why it is good for you

  • Salmon is known as a great source for omega-3 fats
  • It also contains the cancer-fighting selenium and Vitamin B12, which helps protect against heart decease and a form of anemia
  • More details about the health benefits of salmon




I actually love to buy turkey as a cold cut meat for my sandwiches, because I knew it has a low fat content compared to for example ham, but I was really surprised that it made it to the Superfood list, but there are some good reasons.

TurkeyWhat it contains and why it is good for you

  • Turkey is low fat and high in protein – it is actually a versatile alternative to chicken
  • It is also highly nutritious and one of the leanest protein sources on the planet
  • And there are many more health benefits of turkey




Greek Yoghurt

This creamy, tasty and super versatile product is actually also part of the Superfoods.

YogurtWhat it contains and why it is good for you

  • Greek yoghurt contains less sugar and more proteins than other yoghurt, because it is strained to remove the carbohydrate-rich whey
  • It’s thick texture leaves you fuller than more watery versions and the lower level of lactose (milk sugar) it contains makes it easier to digest.
  • It’s best when plain, as the flavored and sweetened varieties contain too much sugar – it’s better to use plain greek yoghurt add fresh fruit and sweeten with agave for example
  • More information and image taken from this site on Greek Yoghurt

One thought on “Eggs and meats

  1. I adore eggs. One year I ate two hard-boiled plus a banana every day for lunch (I was on a mission to lose the weight I had gained from my first year of teaching). My colleagues thought I was nuts but they all joined me after a while. Hah!

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