Recipe Index

To use this Recipe Index, just hover with your mouse over the image – it will indicate the name of the dish. The link can then be found below the images, with an indication where the recipe is from 😉 Have fun exploring!


Millet-Maple-Granola-3Buckwheat-Crepe-2Chia-pao-de-queijo-2Quinoa-flakes-pancakes-2-wsAutumn Porridge with CranberriesOat-Pancakes-wsQuinoa-pancakes-mainAcai-close-wsChia Pudding

Salads & Snacks

Gado-Gado-Salad-2Collard-Green-Wrap-4Beet-Humus-2Black-Eyed-Peas-Salad-2Thai-Pomelo-Salad-4 copySweet-Potato-and-Beet-Salad-2Greek-Beet-Salad-4Quinoa-Taboule-2Watermelon-Cucumber-salad-2-wsKale-Waldorf-2-ws


Tom-Ka-Infused-Quinoa-SoupOrange-Carrot-Soup-4Tom-Ka-Gai-4No-Cook-Gazpacho-3Quinoa soup

Main Courses/ Entrées

Buckwheat-Taco-3Quinoa-Vegetable-Paella-3Collard-Green-Wrap-4Sweet-Potato-Tater-Tots-3Quinoa-with-Superfood-Pesto-2Zucchini-Fritters-2-wsWarm-Soba-Noodle-Salad-2-wsTofu-Sate-with-Cilantro-Quinoa-3-wsQuinoa-Amaranth-Burger-2-wsCauliflower-Pizza-4-wsMini-Spinach-Canelloni-3-wsShrimp-in-Squash-main-wsLentils Lunch BowlSweet-potato-fries-1Sweet-Potato-pureeZucchini spaghettiQuinoa-Pumpkin-Risotto-close-wsRavioli1Layered Quinoa Cup

Desserts & Baking

Buckwheat-Banana-Walnut-Muffin-5Sweet-Potato-Cake-with-Cacao-frosting-6Alegria-4Flourless-Almond-Lemon-Cake-4Raw-Cheesecake-1-red-1-green-w-choco-w-fruit2Pistachio-Cookie-4Mug-Cake-GreenCacao-energy-cubes-2Lemon-Rosemary-muffin-mainHome-made chocolate cupsMini Pumpkin CheesecakeVegan Blueberry MuffinsAcai-close-wsChia Pudding



4 thoughts on “Recipe Index

  1. Your blog is STUNNING! Wow, so glad I stumbled across this as you posted about being from Switzerland.
    I’m German (half Israeli), living in the UK 😉 Really looking forward to following and reading more.

    • Hi Chava! Oh, thank you so much for this super kind comment! 😉 I just went over to your blog – and wow, this comment means soooo much coming from you! Because YOUR photos are stunning! I am totally obsessed with beautiful food photos and yours are truly lovely! So glad I found it too! Yay, can’t wait to see more from you! I would love to pick your brain from time to time, especially around lighting…it’s still a matter of luck for me…keep in touch & thanks so much for stopping by! Sylvia

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