Brazilian soul and an Açai bowl

Hello, happy Sunday beautiful people! Finally, here a small summary of my trip to Brazil that I did in the end of August! As we didn’t do so much sight seeing this time, I’ll keep it focused on my (super)food discoveries 😉 In my opinion, Brazil is a country where the local cuisine already naturally incorporates a lot of Superfood into its recipes. For example, the famous Açai (a superfruit from the Amazon forest), or “couve” (which is Kale and usually eaten together with Feijoada – later not a very healthy dish though 😉 ), many fruits, etc. I also feel that people in the bigger cities like São Paulo and Rio are becoming more and more health conscious and know about the many Superfoods out there, for example Chia seeds.

While in São Paulo, I spoke with one of my work colleagues, who also loves healthy food, and she recommended me some great places to eat. I have visited Capim Santo in São Paulo before and it was amazing, I don’t know the other places yet, but I am sure they are great recommendations. And I am also certain, there are probably so many more places out there, but here the short list I could note down from her:

São Paulo restaurants with healthy food:

  • Capim Santo (great fresh and healthy buffet, the star is the “capim santo brigadeiro”, the traditional dessert made with lemongrass, capim santo in fact means lemongrass)
  • Lemanjue
  • Olea
  • Mani Manioca
Capim Santo

Capim Santo Restaurant

Rio restaurants with healthy food:

  • Delirio Tropical: low key, simple salad and juice place
  • Satyricon
  • BB Lanches: famous juice place – just pick the fruits and they make a juice fresh for you!

After the work week in São Paulo, we had the chance the spend the weekend in Rio de Janeiro. The weather was amazing, so we got to do what the “Cariocas” (= how the people that live in Rio are called) love most: go to the beach!


Elements of a typical, great beach day in Rio 😉

After the beach, the Cariocas love to get their fresh juices from the many snack stands or refuel with another healthy after-beach snack, for example at “Koni”, where you can order a fresh hand-roll with different fillings. My favorite one is the simple Salmon (=Superfood with many healthy fats) “Koni”, just topped with some chives – delicious!

Rio fruitsKoni

I sampled some other food too, like Broccoli (superfood!) rice (popular side dish to eat with meat) and Brigadeiro (not so healthy, but so good, a very typical Brazilian sweet)

Broccoli Rice Brigadeiro

And yes, now it’s time for the featured recipe of this post: the famous Açai bowl! Açai is one of the amazing Superfruits of the Amazon and it’s extremely popular in Brazil. The Brazilians love their Açai bowl at most times of the day and it can be eaten for breakfast or as a refreshing snack (after the beach). Açai contains many amazing nutrients that are so good for you, for example a high level of antioxidants like many other berries do.

I wanted to make an Açai Bowl that was as authentic as possible, that’s why I added the Guarana syrup. But you can also leave it out or replace it with some healthy sweetener, such as agave syrup for example.


  • 200g Açai pulp (has to be frozen!)
  • 50ml Guarana syrup
  • 1/2 – 1 banana


  • Put everything into a blender
  • Garnish with banana, granola and if you like, with some other fruits





Acai-front-far-ws Acai-from-top-ws Acai-close-ws Acai-closer-ws

A few questions to my Brazilian friends out there:

– Do you make your Açai bowl at home yourself as well? If yes, how do you prepare it?

– Do you have any other healthy restaurant recommendations for São Paulo or Rio?

And finally, I would love to close with a picture of my absolute favorite beach in Rio: Joatinga!


Lastly, something not food related, but in case you live in Brazil or even São Paulo, check out my friend Selma’s website, she designs the most beautiful flats. I just love them! You can buy them either at handy craft fairs or through her website.

Shoes from SelCollection

Shoes from SelCollection

12 thoughts on “Brazilian soul and an Açai bowl

    • Thank you so much dear Celeste! 😉 I made it the traditional Brazilian way (with Guarana syrup), but you can also replace the syrup with something more healthy, for example raw honey. I saw they usually use honey instead of guarana syrup in health and smoothie stores 😉

    • Oh, just realized you might not eat honey! Sorry… 😦 I would be interested, what type of healthy sweeteners would you use? I am always not so sure what would work…I bought molasses the other day, but haven’t tried it yet…

  1. I love açai! I prefer the smoothie version – same ingredients, just more liquid. Have you tried it with granola? Did you know that, although it’s very popular as a sweet berry in the south, in the north of Brazil it’s eaten as a savoury food? I’ve never tried it, though 🙂

    • Thanka for stopping by 😉 Yes, I have tried it with granola – so good! wow, savory? I must try that once, I still hope to visit the North of Brazil so maybe then I can try it? hugs, Sylvia

  2. I’ve only had the Acai juice. I’ll have to check the health food stores here to see if they carry the pulp and all. Sounds healthy and yummy. Thanks for taking us to Brazil a bit, sounds like you had a good time. Beautiful place & photos 🙂

    • Thank you Abby 😉 Yes, I found my Açai pulp at wholefoods, they carry it frozen. The guarana syup was more difficult to find, but you don’t really need it, you can use another healthy sweetener. really happy you liked the post 😉 Let me know if you make the Açai bowl and if you liked it!

      • Thanks for the info. I will definitely let you know how I like it. I don’t see why I wouldn’t, the ingredients are pure, simple, healthy, and sounds yummy 🙂

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